5/4/2011 Wednesday Night Bible Study

Topic: “Wisdom: Going Back To The Basics”

Taught By: Bro. Trevis Bonnett 

How would you explain what happens during baptism spiritually to a person who was unfamiliar with all that occurs during the process?

Scriptures presented:

Rom 1:16, Rom 5:6-8, 1 John 1:7

Practical Applications:

 Giovanni brought out a washing machine analogy where the person goes into the wash (water) dirty (sinful) and through the working of God (agitation of the machine) through the Holy Spirit (detergent), one is made totally clean!

Trevis brought out the idea that what happens in baptism is like someone waking up to see that all of their debts have been Paid and free gift of $500,000 has be deposited into you; Mike Dangerfield added that it is not a “one time” deposit because we have continuous access to that forgiveness (deposit) if we live faithfully and walk in the way that God has directed us.

1 John 1:7- Wesley Simmons presented that the simplest way he could explain this passage to others is to “Do the right thing!” Tamara Dangerfield added that we as Christians should always walk with our heads up knowing that regardless of what happens around us, we have God on our sides (paraphrased).