If you honor God and have peace when your money is looking nice, but feel stressed and hopeless when your money is looking skimpy, is your faith in God or money?

If you praise God in a big way when you’re excelling on the job, but become overwhelmed with despair and develop a bitter attitude if you’re laid off or are jobless, is your faith really in God or your employer?

If you are used to having the finer things in your possession and thank God for these chief material blessings, but feel ashamed and worthless when you have “make do” with the bare necessities, is you faith in God or your possessions?

If when people treat you well and your relationships are intact you are full of joy, but cannot be productive or even functional when you find yourself friendless or absent an audience, is you faith in God or man?

As true children of God we must learn to put God above all; in doing so, we reduce the likelihood of committing adultery against God by idolizing things or people (Rom 1:25). We must learn to be satisfied with the blessings that God gives and keep in mind that He is the provider (Matt 6:25-34). We don’t deserve the all of the blessings that He’s given us so far; especially not salvation, which we could have never earned. Work to increase your faith in God; everything else will be gone eventually!

MD 3/27/12