Ask anyone who has ever loved or been loved if simply saying the words, “I love you,” is sufficient for demonstrating love. Most will respond (though all should) with a resounding “no”. Certainly, one who tells his wife, fiancée, girlfriend, etc. he loves her daily but is never available when she needs him and gives her neither his time or attention, in fact, does not love her; words without supporting actions are empty. If this is easy to understand, then this next point should be a breeze.  In Matt 10:33, Jesus shares, “But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven.” (NASB) I don’t know many people, who claim to love God, who would outright verbally denounce or belittle God in the presence of others; clearly that’s foolishness! However, one’s denial of God is often seen through one’s actions (or lack thereof), not necessarily his or her words. In other words, saying you love God but living a selfish and ungodly lifestyle is equally as demeaning (if not more so) to God than flat out confessing that God does not exist and is not still the almighty and sovereign Lord. Simply put, just because you say you’re a believer (follower of God) doesn’t mean that you are; you’re actions will serve as confirmation to others that you have “accepted” God and have given yourself to Him whether you pronounce it to others or not.

Are you living a life in the presence of those who may not know God (or openly reject Him) that’s consistent with the words of praise that you offer Him when you’re in the midst of those who love Him? If you have to think too long and hard about this or find that you’re unsure, go back and meditate on the words in bold; heed the warning!

MD 4/20/12