Does God need our praise? No, certainly not! However, God, the creator, does desire our praise and has been seeking it since the creation. Ps 150:6 asserts, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord!” (NKJV) Ps 145:3 adds, “The Lord is great and worthy of our praise; no one can understand how great he is.” (NCV) Don’t know what to praise God for, let me give you just a few reasons that I praise Him (in no particular order)…feel free to add to my list then pass it on to others.

I praise you Lord for life, sight, hearing, health, strength, control of my body, family, food, clothing, shelter, love, the ability to reason, friends, transportation, my job, joy, peace, faith, recreation, laughter, the ability to smell, mobility, prayers requested on my behalf, friends, money, hugs, kisses, happiness, the gift of salvation, education, nature, comfort, my wife, my daughter, my unborn child, words of encouragement, kindness from strangers, the gospel of Jesus Christ, care from loved ones, memories, communication, companionship, wellbeing, celebrations, challenges (they build faith), patience, hope, the ability to taste, God’s guidance, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, good times, physical blessings, spiritual blessings, safety, protection, deliverance, liberty in Christ Jesus, music, songs, singing, art, trust, forgiveness, God’s availability, the Holy Spirit, the bible, good counsel, technology, smiles, the Church, the goodness of God, the ability to give Him praise in many ways…

Will you praise Him? Keep in mind that more time spent praising God leaves less time to murmur and complain. God not only desires your praise, as aforementioned, He deserves your praise. If He never blesses you again (though being able to read this blog is a blessing in itself), He is still worthy of all the praise that you could give! Bless the Lord, for He has truly blessed you!

MD 6/25/12