There comes a time in the life of a maturing child when he or she will not simply accept the easy or convenient answer from the person from whom he or she is asking; instead, the child, in effort to get further clarification will pose that powerful three letter word of a question, “why?” If we’ll be honest with ourselves, we all, at some point in time and in some form or fashion, have asked the question why. Far too often will people utilize the question “why” to spark a futile debate or to try and confuse or dissuade others; however, the sincerest of all the reasons why people ask “why” is so that one can truly understand a concept or a process, and hopefully, incorporate what is true into his or her own life. Proverbs 4:7 concludes, “Wisdom is the principle thing; therefore, get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding!” (NKJV) In our lives, God will allow us, from time to time, to come up against some tough opposition and expose us to some difficult challenges, all in effort to build our faith and endurance (James 1:2). While some people believe that asking God why in the midst of turmoil is like angrily shaking a fist at Him; truth be told, sincerely asking God why, coupled with prayer, supplication and seeking Godly counsel (the word of God, spiritually faithful brothers/sisters in Christ, elders, etc.) on the matter, will likely lead one to understand what God’s will is. God desires that all that we do or say be done or said with purpose, which ultimately is, to give Him the glory. If you are acting carelessly or out of ignorance or spite in your life and during trying times, God is not getting the glory; on the contrary, God is pleased when one aims to learn what He wills then follows through. Seek to live a purposefully consistent life, one that exalts God above all. Turn away from haphazard and riotous living, which only leads to the grave and eternal separation from God. Why ask why? So that you may understand what the Lord wants and obey.

MD 7/24/12