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But if He don’t…

One of the best lines of one of my favorite songs (Impossible, Da’T.R.U.T.H) has been replaying in my mind during the past few weeks. In the song, the artist says, “…Say yes He can, and yes He will, but if He don’t, I still—will bless Him aloud…” While I know that the statement may not be grammatically correct (don’t should be doesn’t for all those concerned), the message is very profound; praise God regardless of how He responds to your situations. It’s typical of humans to place conditions on our interactions, dealings, and relationships with others; could this be because it’s also human nature to be selfish? Jesus Christ walked the face of this Earth and demonstrated how to rise above our fleshly nature of valuing ourselves over others by doing the opposite and humbling himself to the point of a brutal and humiliating death on a cross (Phil 2:8). In striving to be followers of Christ or “Christ-like”, we must learn to take the conditions off and exude love and care for others in the same manner that Jesus did, unconditionally. One of the benefits of giving or doing for others without putting provisions in place that warrant that others “return the favor,” is peace. Many people never experience true peace and are angry or driven by negative emotions because they feel like they’ve “done their part” but the other involved parties have not. Sadly, some people will not only turn their nose up at other people (including physical and spiritual family), but will turn their backs on God when they believe they’ve met His conditions but He’s failed to honor theirs (See Doing The Least blog 4-12-12). Though it’s usually harder to have a positive outlook during situations when we feel like God is not responding in the way we hope for, we have to humble ourselves and rest assured on the fact that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Rom 8:28, NLT). Adopt the mindset that the youngsters Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego, had when their lives were on the line before King Nebuchadnezzar. They said (paraphrased), “We won’t bow down before you because God is able to deliver us from you and your fiery furnace, and even if He doesn’t, we still won’t serve your gods or worship your golden image!” (Daniel 3:16-18) By the way, God delivered them in such a magnificent way! God can deliver you also from whatever you may be struggling with as well, for He is God, the great I Am; and even if He doesn’t answer your prayers the way you feel He should, He is still the Great God of Heaven and is deserving of your praise. It’s imperative that we strive to trust in God and live righteously at all costs and in all situations (not just those that we consider to be favorable or satisfactory) if we hope to truly have peace while on Earth and live eternally in heaven when our time on Earth is done.

MD 8/30/12


Give Him [God] Your Life

The following is an excerpt from a rap I wrote some time ago…may God get the glory from it!

So many people struggle with trying to “find themselves”  in life but end up lost and depressed when they fail to  find satisfaction with the pleasures or power they’re pursing… well, this one’s for you!

Yes! You were created with purpose, made in His image, equipped for service. No, you’re not worthless, you’re one of a kind; hand-crafted by God with such a beautiful mind—enclosed in a special case. From the sole of your feet up to the top of your face, God, He put every feature in place.  Nah, He didn’t assemble you, He made you with Grace! Seeing this is the case, why would you not relish Him, how could you not embrace— all of the wonderful gifts that He’s given you…and be ecstatic because He’s already forgiven you? Open your spiritual eyes and take a look at your life [The Lord is seeking you]

 Give Him your life—there’s only one life to live; better use it wisely, gonna have to give an account of the things that you’ve done with your body, you better get it under control! Just give him your life…quit playing games, you were made in His image so it’s time to change your life! Secure your soul, before it’s your time to go…give Him your life!

Mark 8:36For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?

MD 8/20/12

Add Life To Your Prayers!

It has been said that communication is the foundation on which all relationships are built. It has also been said that communication and satisfaction in relationships are directly proportionate; consequently, the greater the level of communication in the relationship, the higher the level of satisfaction between those communicating. I believe both of these ideas to be true and I imagine that if you reflect on past and present relationships, you’ll agree that the intensity of the communication played a significant part in either the termination or preservation of those relationships. In essence, the intimate relationships one has with others is a direct result of one’s effort to share, receive and bond with others through communicated expressions; where communication is not present, relationships are superficial or nonexistent. While this is important to understand for the sake of human relationships, for us as Christians, understanding this concept is critical. Prayer is the means in which we communicate with the Lord; if our efforts at prayer are minimal (i.e. only before meals, at bedtime, in the morning, or in crises) then we can’t expect to have a fulfilling relationship with God, our Father. So many passages throughout the bible emphasize the importance and power of prayer so I won’t attempt to insert a relevant scripture here; however, it is important to note that if you find your prayer life to be very mundane, such as saying the very same words each time you pray (whether daily or periodically), you can rest assured that your relationship with God, based on your prayer tendencies, is shallow. If I’m unlikely to maintain a decent relationship with a person by simply repeating the same words each time we talk, why would I expect to have such a great relationship with God if I did the same? If you have established a relationship with God through obedience of the gospel and baptism into Christ (Mark 16:15, 16, Gal 3:27), then move beyond mere greetings and habitual one-liners with God and experience the many benefits of having an interpersonal (inter-spiritual) relationship with Him through prayer. In the same way that communication allows us to learn more about each other and ultimately helps us to relate better, make it a point to learn more about God (through study of His word) and through prayer, persistent (Rom 12:12) and incessant (1 Thess 5:17) prayer, so that we can understand the Lord and maintain a healthy relationship with Him. Move beyond simply having a prayer life, and aim to add life to your prayers!

MD 8/3/12