It has been said that communication is the foundation on which all relationships are built. It has also been said that communication and satisfaction in relationships are directly proportionate; consequently, the greater the level of communication in the relationship, the higher the level of satisfaction between those communicating. I believe both of these ideas to be true and I imagine that if you reflect on past and present relationships, you’ll agree that the intensity of the communication played a significant part in either the termination or preservation of those relationships. In essence, the intimate relationships one has with others is a direct result of one’s effort to share, receive and bond with others through communicated expressions; where communication is not present, relationships are superficial or nonexistent. While this is important to understand for the sake of human relationships, for us as Christians, understanding this concept is critical. Prayer is the means in which we communicate with the Lord; if our efforts at prayer are minimal (i.e. only before meals, at bedtime, in the morning, or in crises) then we can’t expect to have a fulfilling relationship with God, our Father. So many passages throughout the bible emphasize the importance and power of prayer so I won’t attempt to insert a relevant scripture here; however, it is important to note that if you find your prayer life to be very mundane, such as saying the very same words each time you pray (whether daily or periodically), you can rest assured that your relationship with God, based on your prayer tendencies, is shallow. If I’m unlikely to maintain a decent relationship with a person by simply repeating the same words each time we talk, why would I expect to have such a great relationship with God if I did the same? If you have established a relationship with God through obedience of the gospel and baptism into Christ (Mark 16:15, 16, Gal 3:27), then move beyond mere greetings and habitual one-liners with God and experience the many benefits of having an interpersonal (inter-spiritual) relationship with Him through prayer. In the same way that communication allows us to learn more about each other and ultimately helps us to relate better, make it a point to learn more about God (through study of His word) and through prayer, persistent (Rom 12:12) and incessant (1 Thess 5:17) prayer, so that we can understand the Lord and maintain a healthy relationship with Him. Move beyond simply having a prayer life, and aim to add life to your prayers!

MD 8/3/12