The following is an excerpt from a rap I wrote some time ago…may God get the glory from it!

So many people struggle with trying to “find themselves”  in life but end up lost and depressed when they fail to  find satisfaction with the pleasures or power they’re pursing… well, this one’s for you!

Yes! You were created with purpose, made in His image, equipped for service. No, you’re not worthless, you’re one of a kind; hand-crafted by God with such a beautiful mind—enclosed in a special case. From the sole of your feet up to the top of your face, God, He put every feature in place.  Nah, He didn’t assemble you, He made you with Grace! Seeing this is the case, why would you not relish Him, how could you not embrace— all of the wonderful gifts that He’s given you…and be ecstatic because He’s already forgiven you? Open your spiritual eyes and take a look at your life [The Lord is seeking you]

 Give Him your life—there’s only one life to live; better use it wisely, gonna have to give an account of the things that you’ve done with your body, you better get it under control! Just give him your life…quit playing games, you were made in His image so it’s time to change your life! Secure your soul, before it’s your time to go…give Him your life!

Mark 8:36For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?

MD 8/20/12