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Here are our upcoming events and focus for this week and month. We encourage participation for Spiritual Growth in 2013….

Wednesday – Bible Study 7-8pm out in the Annex Home close to the Church. We had 13 in attendance last week, we want to push that number up to 20 this week. We have over 50 on our distribution list.

I know that we can meet this mark!


Bible Study!

Don’t forget that your attendance in Bible Study is very important to our Christian walk!

Sunday Morning Bible Class – 9 am

(Bro. George Walker, Teacher)

Wednesday Night Bible Class – 7pm in the Annex

(Bro. Trevis Bonnett & Bro. Mike Dangerfield, Teachers)

Wednesday Night Bible Class – April 27, 2011

Taught By: Bro. Mike Dangerfield

Tonight’s Topic: “Other than going to Heaven, what is the benefit of being a Christian?”

2 Kings 2:9-13